CLiCQUES mix - Board Game

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Introducing CLiCQUES mix - the ultimate game of color matching and correct predictions! Get ready to CLiCK, MIX, and CLEAR THE CATERPILLAR in this exciting and addictive game that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Your objective is simple yet challenging: clear your caterpillar by matching the color order of the chips on your playboard to the color order of the drawn magnetic balls. With each turn, you'll remove chips, aiming to be the first to clear your playboard and emerge as the victorious player.

What´s in the package:
4 Payboards 
20 chips (4 of each color)
Magnetic caterpillar (1 headpiece & 5 magnetic colored balls) 
Cotton bag with drawstring 

Payboards: 6.2x1.5” (15,8 x 4 cm)
Chips: 1” (2,5 cm )
Caterpillar: 5.7x1” (14,5 x 2,5 cm)

The caterpillar is made from high-quality European hornbeam and painted with certified child-safe paints and varnishes (EN-71/3 compliant). The playboards and chips are made from poplar and birch plywood and sealed with child-safe varnish (EN-71/3 compliant).